Career Services

Career Services

We take Career Services very seriously. Our goal is to help you achieve your goals. So, we take an individualized approach to helping you attain your goals and objectives, because we know that your goals are different than the person sitting next to you in class. It pains us to see other schools take a “one-size-fits-all” approach to your job search strategy, as it’s just not effective: “Here’s a resume template,” they say, “now, head to” We work with you one-on-one to find out exactly what you’re looking for and devise a job search strategy that’s unique to you. For example, we will tailor your resume format and content for the jobs that you are specifically applying for. We will contact and set up interviews for you with employers that match your explicit criteria.

What about those that didn’t get jobs?

  • We work with our graduates until they find something that they’re excited about. The students that were not placed within their field within six months of graduation are mostly comprised of students that didn’t want to pursue a career in coding after graduation. For example, we have some students that come to school after they’ve retired and are looking for something interesting. We also have students that take positions in other industries, or decide to stay at home with their children.

What is the average salary of your graduates when they find a position?

  • Our average salary for all of our graduates nationwide is about $75,600. Please keep in mind that salaries fluctuate dramatically based on the part of the country you’re in. For example, our graduates coming out of Silicon Valley might expect a six-figure salary, while a $60k salary might be more realistic in more rural parts of the country.